Google Negative Keyword Update

March 9, 2023

Some exciting news from Google. They recently announced that you can now assign negative keywords at the account level!

This is great news because if there are certain keywords you want to exclude from all of your campaigns, this update will save you a ton of time. Instead of going through each campaign individually, you can add the keyword once and apply it to all campaigns at the same time.

Negative keywords are a feature that allows you to tell Google which keywords you don't want to target and bid to display your ads. For example, if you're selling sports gear but not soccer equipment, you'd want to exclude soccer-related keywords to avoid wasting money on mismatched intent.

Previously, you could only do this at the campaign level, but now you can do it at the account level, which is a huge time-saver. And this feature applies to all search and shopping campaign types, including Search, Performance Max, Shopping, Smart Shopping, Smart, and Local Campaigns.

To set negative keywords at the account level, simply go to Account settings in your Ad Manager, navigate to Negative keywords, click the + button, and add the keywords you want to exclude.

Note that the feature is still rolling out globally, so you may not see it yet. If you don't see the option at first, just check back later.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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