3-2-1 LinkedIn posting tactic

March 9, 2023

Are you looking to step up your LinkedIn game and create better content that actually drives engagement? Well, listen up because I've got a tip for you!

While personal accounts are currently getting a lot of love from LinkedIn's algorithm, it's important not to forget about your business page. But let's be real, people aren't exactly craving for your business updates, are they?

That's where the 3-2-1 method comes in. This framework from Social Media Examiner is a great starting point for creating valuable content that will move your readers toward making a purchase.

So, what is it exactly? Basically, you'll be posting six times every two weeks, dividing your content into three categories: good to know, good to feel, and good to buy.

For the "good to know" posts, focus on industry news and trends that are helpful for your audience. The "good to feel" posts should showcase the human side of your brand with photos of employees and company values. And of course, you'll want to include at least one "good to buy" post that highlights how your product or service can make your audience's lives easier.

While there's no guaranteed way to create perfect content, following the 3-2-1 formula is a great place to start. So what are you waiting for? Start crafting those killer LinkedIn posts!

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